Online sports betting is very popular and this page is packed with helpful information to help you get started. Learn more about odds, markets, betting strategies and how online betting differs from high street sports betting.

What should you know about UK Online Betting?

For a beginner, we’ll talk you through a few things you should know and save you a lot of time. You are in control and you can choose:

  • Which online betting site you can sign up for
  • To bet on which sports / events
  • Which offers and bonuses are to be considered
  • How to finance your betting account

Most UK top operators allow customers to bet on events on their mobile and tablet, so you can bet and keep track of it all the time.



Is Betting Safe Online?

Yes. There are safety precautions. Laws and regulations, data & payment security, dispute resolution and secure websites. If you are researching, taking care and playing responsibly, you can just relax when faced with security concerns.

Is Online Betting Legal And Regulated?

British online betting is completely legal thanks to government regulation. All offers on this site are only for fully licensed bookmakers and casinos that are subject to strict regulations and supervision.

Which Betting Events Are Covered Online?

Uk online betting is usually divided into sections by sport, with additional areas for entertainment, politics and specials betting. Specials can be anything that captures the public interest, e.g. the Oscars. Sports Betting is the largest market with a large selection of international sports. 

Online betting odds vary from site to site and there are some great deals to be. Markets and odds are changing fast, internet bets are fast and fluid, but you can quickly change course by tapping a button on your smartphone.

Can I Watch Live Events Online?

Yes. Many sites now offer live streams so you can follow the action, make new bets and enjoy the action live on screen. Website technology is so good now that picture quality is up there with televisions. Chances will change on the screen as the sporting event unfolds, making this a very popular feature with Punters everywhere.

What Are Betting Markets?

Betting markets are a list of all the results you can bet on in an event. The betting markets usually contain a minimum of event winners and profit margin. There can be many markets for a single sporting event – a football match will have multiple markets like team to score first, number of goals scored, number of red cards or penalties, corners and much more. The bigger the game, the more markets you will find. Some bookies are developing a reputation for obscure markets and are catching the eye of Punters looking for a value bet.

What Are 3 Types Of Betting Odds Formats?

The odds represent the prices the makers will pay if your bet is successful, expressed as a percentage of your original bet. They are usually displayed in one of three formats:

Fractional odds

These show your potential winnings as a fraction of your initial bet, which means that you divide the displayed numbers and multiply the result by your bet to determine your winnings. A bet of £ 10 at odds of 2/1 would be calculated as follows: 2 divided by 1 = 2, 2 x 10 = 20. That’s a £ 20 gain, plus your initial £ 10 bet, which is a total return makes from £ 30.


These represent the multiple of your bet returned in the event of a successful bet, including your initial bet. So, if you have a winning £ 10 bet at a rate of € 1.5, you will receive £ 1.5 x £ 15 = £ 15. Decimal quotas of 1.5 correspond to a fractional rate of 1/2.

American odds

These opportunities are completely different and can be negative or positive. Negative numbers indicate how much you need to bet to win $ 100 (or £ 100, € 100 etc), so the odd of -140 means you have to bet $ 140 to win $ 100. Positive numbers indicate how much you would win from a $ 100 bet. A quota of +160 would mean a profit of 160 dollars. To figure out how much you would win with a different bet amount, you only need to scale the number proportionally up or down. A bet of £ 1 at 140 would win £ 1.40.


How Do You Praise Betting Odds?

Online bookmakers employ a large number of quota compilers whose job is to price markets and set odds for the events. You might think that this requires a lot of work to predict probable outcomes, but the key job for these teams is to ensure that there is an approximately equal number of bets for and against a given outcome – the idea is that they are not too much Lose money when punters Successfully choose a winner. This means that the odds on the show are not really a reflection of the likelihood that something will happen, but rather a reflection of where people are betting on sports.

What are the main differences between betting online and betting in the shops?

Volume and variety are the main differences. Online bets give you access to things you can not find in a high street bookie shop. You will not find a market for lower Australian volleyball in a store, but you will be online. The market diversity will also be more comprehensive online. You get dozens of markets for a football game online.

Online bets also have different functions. In-play betting, live streaming and early payout are just 3 examples. You can also place a bet online at 6:00 pm! In-play betting is the practice of betting on an event while it’s in progress. That way, you can change your mind, place a new bet, or take advantage of in-play betting odds. This can only be done through online betting or via betting apps.

Payout: Odds are updated from moment to moment online as the event progresses, which means that online players can sometimes withdraw early, allowing players to withdraw (or withdraw) their bet for a fixed amount, if they believe the bet probably later in the case fails, or if they have given up and want to recover losses.

Another unique feature of the online world are online betting exchanges – these work a little differently than typical bets in the shop; Instead of holding the money to bet against customers themselves, online betting exchanges behave like a financial marketplace where players bet for both an event outcome and an event outcome. Most betting shops do not offer exchanges, so players must turn to online betting.